Company Health Management

Continuous improvement of our company health management offers - such as a discount on a gym membership and a company soccer group and much more.
A company run is also being organized.

Incentives / Events

Great events, records and anniversaries are well celebrated at Grob Aircraft. This results in amazing celebrations that will show you our spirit ”ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE“. It also allows for everyone to be a part of the company´s success.

Discounted Mobile Contracts

We are offering discounted mobile contracts.

Unique Language Courses

To ensure your success in your field of work at Grob Aircraft we will offer you language courses where needed.

Employee Development

Sky is the limit!
We support you through seminars, courses or a dual course of study.

Pilots Licence

Up in the air!
You love to fly by your own?
We will support you on your way towards a pilot´s license.

Family Support

Naturally, we not only care about you, but also your family.
We can aid you financially with kinder garden fees and more.

DEKA Zeitwertkonto

You are planning a long vacation, a sabbatical, need time to take care of a family member or want to go into retirement early?
We would be glad to show you the possibilities of a “DEKA-Zeitwertkonto”.

Flat Market

You are looking for a nearby place to live?
We would gladly send you a list of homeowners from the area in order for you to find a flat etc. as soon as possible.

Optimierung der Arbeitsplatzkultur mit Unterstützung von: