G 120TP



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G 120 TP - The intelligent training solution of the 21st century

The G 120TP symbolizes the 21st century evolution of basic flight training.

Simplicity in pilot operation and system functions make the G 120TP the only sophisticated mission training platform that can accommodate typical elementary, basic and advanced pilot training segments.

The cost efficiency of the G 120TP redefines training cost and budgets. High performance, full Virtual Tactical Training capability including HOTAS, combined with high dispatch reliability make the G 120 TP not only the most cost efficient solution for the future, but also the best integrated training system overall.

Safety is not compromised with the new light weight Ejection Seat by Martin Baker, securing the operators future pilot investment. GROB Aircraft AG´s integration of the reliable RR 250-B17F turbine provides a power upgrade while eliminating the need of multiple fuels.

G 120TP is the only side by side training aircraft certified in the 21st century with full aerobatic and military training capability.

Turbine powered high performance combined with operating simplicity makes the G 120TP the ideal platform for learning the first steps of flying all the way to pushing the envelope at 6g during the aerobatic training phase.

EASA Certification for G 120TP

TCDS for G 120TP