G 120 TP

G 115E - Comfort and Ergonomics for tough training missions

The GROB G 115E entry trainer combines comfort and good ergonomics with an outstanding aerobatic
service life of 24.000hr.  A tough landing gear supports rugged training environments.
The aircraft provides the largest cockpit in its class with ample shoulder room and spacious seats for large pilots wearing full military equipment with helmets and even when wearing a parachute.

The individual seating position can be adjusted by means of back and squab cushions and adjustable rudder pedals.
Students can use either seat - optional second throttle available.
With a panoramic view, the G 115E provides the right cockpit for pilot screening, training and aerobatics.

The evolutionary solution for your pilot screening, initial and advanced training and aerobatic requirements.

The side-by-side training aircraft is designed for pilot screening as well as for initial and advanced training up to full aerobatics. This GROB aircraft model comprises the best solution for tough training requirements.
Proven by more than 360 aircraft flying for 7 operators world wide, the G 115E represents the most economical and reliable trainer ensuring lowest operating costs.

The deciding factors are:
-    (Lowest Maintenance Effort) X (Fuel Efficiency) X (Longest Service Life) = Lowest Operating Cost
-    (Rugged Design) X (Component Reliability) X (Professional Product Support) = Highest Availability

Reduce your operating costs to the world standard with the G 115E.


Airframe and wing structure Carbon fiber
Passenger seats 2 (side-by-side)
Type of operation
VFR day / night and IFR in non-icing conditions
AEIO-360-B1F/B by Textron Lycoming
180 SHP / 2700 rpm
Propeller Hoffmann or MT-Propeller 3-blade
Service life aerobatic
24,000 Hrs